CristalRecord Lighting has been founded in 1995, first as a small family business by Angel Aparicio and Beatriz Andres, a follow up of a Cristal Chandeliers Manufacturer, based in Zaragoza, Spain. The commitment to provide modern and competitive lighting solutions that meet real needs of the households and commercial markets, together with the expertise in LED lighting helped the Company to grow fast. CristalRecord in the daily life activity means - goals, commitment, agreement, confidence, effort, fulfilment, results, and evaluation. CristalRecord has evolved over the years into light development since its founding in 1995 to become a leading company in the design and distribution of products for indoor lighting and later outdoor lighting. Our days the Lighting Company has 35 team members, with Headquarters and Logistic Centre of 4000 m2 in Zaragoza, and another Lighting Warehouse in Barcelona, and Lighting Production facilities in Alicante.

Our commitment to quality, R & D, flexibility, and experience, allow us to offer unique and innovative solutions for real life lighting with high quality lighting products to EU y Non-EU markets. Our distinctive features are personalized and fast responsive customer service, attention to details and conscientious work to meet our customers' most demanding expectations in terms of quality and service.

CristalRecord Lighting is involved in a continuous digital transformation project, within the industrial revolution 4.0, starting with the implementation of private area in our website, with access to exclusive promotions and discounts, special contents, and online sales for our clients.

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CristalRecord  Lighting Office


CristalRecord has a Showroom based in Zaragoza, Spain. A wide range of our products lines are exhibited in the Showroom and it is available for our customers. Here you can see our products functionality and receive guidelines on installation and use. We provider online video consultancy and we do webinars with presentations of our new Collections, catalogues etc.

Take a look at Cristalrecord virtual access to the Showroom 360º.

Showroom CristalRecord

CristalRecord Team

CristalRecord Team is formed by professional lighting specialist, that grow up from 3 people in 1995, to 35 permanent positions in 2020. Our team of professionals will always offer you the best solutions for your lighting needs.

The CEO of CristalRecord Lighting - Angel Aparicio Gil. Here you will find a short description of the CristalRecord Lighting Company´s Structure:

Administrative Department. Our Administrative Department is responsible for Accounting Issue, technical support of the team and Human resources.

Product Management Department. This team is composed of the Made in Spain Production Unit of Technical Lighting, Lighting Products Quality and Control Units and Lighting Supply. 

Digital Marketing Department. This is the Marketing Team responsible for Marketing Materials, Private Labels, Business Area Web Access support and Online Presence of Cristal Record Lighting. 

Logistic Department. This team is composed of Logistic Centre, Lighting Stocks and Lighting Warehouses.

Sales Department. Wholesale Lighting Fixtures team is composed by the Big Surface Area Sales Unit, National Sales Unit, and International Sales Unit. The members of this team are professional lighting specialist that will consult you concerning any issue you have about our lighting products, prices, and delivery. This team is on disposal for lighting dealers, lighting distributors, retail lighting stores, online lighting stores, electricians, lighting projects managers, interior designers, decorators, and other businesses. Contact us for more info or to ask for CristalRecord’s Clients Private Area Access.

CristalRecord Team

History of CristalRecord

Important dates in CristalRecord history and it´s Logo.

14 of March 1995 - Small Family Business with 3 people, in a utility of 200m2, in Zaragoza, in Villanueva de Gallego, was created by Angel Aparicio and Beatriz Andres. Before creating this Company, Angel Apario used to work in his father´s factory of Cristal Chandeliers Manufacturer, with the name Lamparas Aparicio and the Logo an Angel. The idea to have an evil with a symbolic Artisan Turkish Glass Lamp in the hands, came to have a balance with the previous Logo of the Angel.

1998 – Was Launched the first Branded lighting products Adtwin brand, for bulbs category.

2000 - The company grew up, enlarged the Lighting Logistic Centre into a utility of 700m2, and the stuff members to 5 people.

2005 - New Logo was created, that express more the Company´s Name.

2008 – Another essential growth in the Company, with team 7 people in the team and a Lighting Warehouse of 1000 m2.

2009 – Participation in the International Exhibition the Hong Kong Trade Development, establishment new agreements for Lighting fixtures production.

2013 – Another Big Step in CristalRecord Company´s Development are the stuff increased up to 12 people, and Logo update, a new brand launched RLED Brand and Light+building, and larger lighting stock space to 1000 m2.

2014 – Launch of one of our important Brand CBE by CristalRecord.

2016 - CristalRecord has bought two new brands (DRG of decorative lighting lamps and Lumic of LED bulbs) from a Spanish company with which it intends to promote internationalization, as they are mainly aimed at the foreign market. The international customers number increased to 40%, with CristalRecord Lighting presence in France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany. It was also launched the new Filament Light Bulbs Collection the brand Vintage. Expansion of the Lighting Warehouse to 3300 m2 it had, also the office area grew up to 700 m2 and the extension of its showroom with another 300 m2. Another essential change is the number of employees grow up to 30 people.

2017 - The interior lighting company CristalRecord expanded its facilities on the Logroño road by adding a new logistics warehouse and goods reception/dispatch office with another 1,000 m2 with the aim of improving logistics management and customer service. The total facilities spaces went to 4000 m2, and the number of employees to 35 people. The CristalRecord Logo was updated, thanks to our new value proposition offer unique and innovative solutions for real life lighting with high quality lighting products.

2018 – Very important step in CristalRecord path, the assimilation of an old tradition factory in producing lighting fixture, from Alicante, Spain Adolfo Alba, and the birth of the new brand Angel Aparicio Spain. In this way was created the Production Unit in Zaragoza and Alicante. It was also opened the Private Area access on the CristalRecord website, with the possibility exclusive to Shop Online only for CristalRecord’s Clients.

2020 - Digital Logo update. New Digital Strategy launched, for a intensive expansion of CristalRecord online. Celebration of 25 years since Foundation.

History CristalRecord


Join us and enjoy the exclusive advantages of our Private Area for Lighting Distributors, Lighting stores, Decoration Stores, DIY stores, lighting dealers, lighting consultants, contract lighting project, lighting consultants, interior designers, electricians and other business.

We are CristalRecord Lighting with 25 years of experience in manufacturing and suppling of decorative and technical lighting. We want to help you to be much more competitive and to be able to offer your customers the best selection of lighting products.

CristalRecord´s professional team is in a continue development, so that is why we are looking for improvements of all our services, permanent lighting stock availability of more than 1500 lighting references, the professional customer consultancy, private area for clients, private labels provided by our marketing service, short lead times for a better , quality and guarantee up to 10 years and after sale customer service.

CristalRecord Services


CristalRecord has evolved over the years into lighting products development since its founding in 1995 to become a leading company in the design, manufacturing, and supply of technical and decorative lighting. Our commitment to quality, R&D and flexibility allow us to offer unique and innovative solutions as well as high quality products at national and international levels. Offering solutions for real life.

Discover and download CristalRecord Catalogues with Lighting Products.

Browse CristalRecord Website to discover our range of products together with the products description data sheet and technical data. Use our filters to find fast what you need. Ask us for access into Private Area by completing a Contact form, for having access to our updates stock, prices, discounts and latest news. Our Products view menu is divided in three categories Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting and Ceiling fans.

CristalRecord Products

Indoor Lighting

Find out CristalRecord Technical and Decorative Lighting within Indoor Lighting Category. This category contents the following product groups:

Outdoor Lighting

Find out CristalRecord Technical and Decorative Lighting within Outdoor Lighting Category. This category contents content flood lights, LED flush lights, LED recessed lights, and will be completed with bollard lights, post lights, deking lights, pedestal lights, spotlights, outdoor wall lights and solar lighting

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans is one of the most popular categories of CristalRecord Lighting. Our beautiful design and high-quality ceiling fans are structures in AC motor Ceiling fans and DC motor Ceiling fans. Both Most of them have summer winter function, with they are a great solution to have a lighting source and ventilation at the same time, during the whole year.

Angel Aparicio Spain Lighting Products

Angel Aparicio Spain was created 2018, after the assimilation of an old tradition factory in producing lighting fixture, from Alicante, Spain. Under this brand CristalRecord is manufacturing recessed lights, downlights and other lighting fixtures for interiors and outdoors.


CristalRecord Lighting, since it´s foundation have created several brands, here you will find the logos of:

Angel Aparicio Spain with mostly technical Lighting. The brands Making LED, A2BC LED lighting and Living by CR – are LED light bulbs series. The brand Crinier Box – are recessed light, decorative recessed lights, double lighting recessed lights. CR_Bluelight brand, are high-end lamps, high quality LED lighting, both for the design and the technology and raw materials that have been used in its manufacture (glass, metals, and decorations). Smart Lighting by CR is our recent brand with smart light bulbs and accessories that operates with Tuya application and can connect with Google Home and Alexa.

CristalRecord Brands


Excellent customer support is the core of our organized and efficient commercial network, which allows us to centralize our entire commercial management, making easier the daily work of our customers.

We have a personal approach to every customer. CristalRecord international department team will attend you in Spanish, English and French.

Contact us for more info or to ask for CristalRecord’s Clients Private Area Access. Our professional and friendly international team will assist you with pleasure.

By email:

By Telephone : +34 976 459 277

By WhatsApp and Viber: +34 659 08 32 95

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GUARANTEE. We offer a guarantee of 3 years in all our products. Find out our 5 years Guarantee products and 10 years guarantee products, within category recessed lights, LED downlights, LED panels and LED flush mounts with IP 54. All our Lighting products has EU and ROHS Standard certificates. For additional certificates, please Contact our international department team.

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Our professional lighting experts’ team will assist you after sale, during the whole guarantee time. We will provide you any additional information you need concerning your purchase. We help you to solve any issue occurred with you order. CristalRecord lighting experts will advise you in product replacement in case of non-stock availability of the original product.

Find out our Spare parts and Lighting Accessories here.

CristalRecord Brands


CristalRecord Is trustful lighting supplier for small shops, e-commerce, and big chains. We are specialist in large scale distribution. Our partners are Big Groups such as Philips Belgium, Leroy Merlin Spain, Bauhaus Spain, El Corte Ingles Spain, Coferdroza Spain, and online stores like Wayfair UK and DE, Spanish Lighting Stores, also and other Companies.

CristalRecord Brands