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The best way to improve air circulation and cool it in your home or office, with reduced energy consumption, to save the planet and your savings - are the ceiling fans. A wide range of ceiling fans with light, with summer-winter function, for year-round use are on your disposal at CristalRecord - Lighting! 

The ceiling fans will not cool your room as an air condition, but you can lower the ambient temperature up to 4-5 degrees.  

The LED Ceiling fans or Ceiling fans with lighting kit has the advantage to provide two functions as the source of ambient lighting or main lighting for your interior and as ventilation system, to improve the air quality. Another advantage during summertime you have, due to the air flow, it protects you from the mosquitos´ bites. 

Ceiling fans are the new fashion in interior decoration, thanks to the new styles and beauty they will give a touch of modernity to your interior or exterior design. 

CristalRecord propose you a great variety of ceiling fans with many functions which we are describing below, to help our clients to make the most appropriate selection. 

AC and DC Motor Fans

AC Motor Fans

Models: Taga, Liria, Nuba, Klon, Bloq, Capri, Millar, Randy, Orion, Tabit, Storm.

AC Motor

AC motor or alternating current ceiling fans, where the energy flow is redirected. Most household appliances and many ceiling fans use AC motors. Those are usually simple in functionally fans that are not silent. They consume slightly more energy than a DC Fan, but they have a cheaper cost. We propose you to your attention the AC ceiling fans with remote control included the beautiful design two wooden blades fan with LED Taga, hidden blades ceiling light shape Liria LED Ceiling fan, folding blades Nuba LED fan and Klon LED Fan, and Bloq, Capri, Millar, Randy fans with lighting kit, light bulbs E27 not included. Small size, economic fans Tabit and Orion, with lighting kit, have a Universal remote which is sold separately. Storm is another AC ceiling fan with beautiful design for tremendous exterior and without light, but remote control included.  

DC Motor fans

Models: Lighter, Blus, Agra, Alum, Slice, Bell, Klon PLus, Areca, Terre, Lince, Mode, Tanik, Yen, Yen Big, Surat, Ekos, Noro, Bali, Tempo, Zentro, Cimio, Stel.

DC Ceiling Fans

DC motor fans are the ones where the electrical current which only flows in one direction. DC fans, the direct (AC) power source, connects to a transformer which converts the power to DC. The effect is that it decreases the amount of power used by only using a direct current instead of the alternating current. To then create the force needed to rotate the motor’s rotor, the DC motor uses a system of magnets of opposing polarity. This is reducing the power consumption, that makes them Energy saving fans and help to achieve lower noise, that helps to have a quite performance. The DC motor ceiling fans of CristalRecord can achieve up to 6 speeds, and they are Quick to start and to accelerate to the maximum speed. 

In CristalRecord are available Efficient DC motor ceiling fans with remote controls, or smart home controls functionality, according to the needs of our clients, either is a lighting project or a lighting wholesaler. 

Agra DC Ceiling Fan has a round aluminium structure with a silicone diffuser at the bottom through which the light is projected, and the fan inside the structure. Curious design fan that has a large airflow through the rotation of its three transparent ABS blades. Quiet DC motor with six rotational speeds and reverse function.

Bali is a very simple DC ceiling fan, in black finish structure and wooden print three blades. It has two down rods. So, you can install it either at 34.5 cm minimum drop or 46.5cm maximum drop. One lighting option of 12W, 4000K and 1020 Lumens, 6 speeds and timer that can be used with the remote control included. 

Bali ceiling fan

Yen. Natural wood blades Yen DC Ceiling fans Collection, in two versions with three clear wood or dark wood blades and an antique brass finish structure will conquer you with its eco – rustic design, pure lines and no down rods, as it is completely attached to the ceiling. Except that. It has an integrated LED lighting of 15W, and three lighting temperature cold, warm and neutral. Thanks to the switch on memory, you can enjoy for instance 

Yen Big DC ceiling fans with three natural wooden blades in clear and dark finishes, with a nickel colour structure. The Yen Big ceiling fans Collection is designed for big spaces, more than 20m2, as they have 152 cm blades length and a maximum drop of 35 cm. This very light ceiling fan, of just 6.2 kg has a summer winter operation system, remote control and integrated LED lighting in three lighting temperature. Thanks to its switch on memory, you can always use the same lighting each time you switch it on. Very silent ceiling fan that produce a noise of 48db at the maximum speed, the fifth. It will cool your interior with an airflow from 4890m3/h up to 9210m3/h. A modern eco design ceiling fan for interiors that need a rustic touch of a modern wooden piece. 

The right fan for room size

Room size fans

The Ceiling fans are measured by the full size of their blade span, which is the diameter of the circle that you see when the fan blades are in motion. In CristalRecord we have divided our ceiling fans into three groups: Small Rooms - with a space less than 13 m², Medium size rooms with a space between 13 m² and 20m², and the last one the big size rooms with a space larger than 20m².  

Less than 13m² room size

Models: Blus, Slice 54, Alum, Liria, Agra, Orion, Tabit, Helos, Samos. 

Blus y Agra

For small size rooms, when the total surface is less than 13m² we recommend ceiling fans with blades span less that 100cm diameter, which is great for Bathrooms, Breakfast Nooks, Utility Rooms. 

For the ones who are looking for simplicity and elegance, our DC Ceiling Fan with LED Blus is definitely for you. Small Shape DC motor ceiling fan Blus has 3 very short blades, in white finish and a maximum drop 32cm. This super silent ceiling fan is perfect for small rooms, bedrooms, living rooms and other small spaces. 

13-20m² Room size 

Models: Slice 73, Bell, Bloq, Areca, Lince, Terre, Mode, Capri, Nuba, Klon, Klon Plus, Surat, Bastian, Cimio, Stel. 

For medium size rooms, with a total surface between 13 m² and 20m² Bedrooms, we recommend ceiling fans with blades span between 100cm to 125cm diameter, which is great for Kitchens, Dining Rooms. 

Surat DC Ceiling fans Collection in all white finish and white finish blades and wooden print structure, with no rod, flush mounted, with a maximum drop of 22.5 cm, and blades span of 122cm. This is our best seller fan in 2021 within this Category, thanks to its modern design with a very low drop. This fan you can easily install in your bedroom or any other low ceilings interior. Enjoy it´s 5 speed of airflow, with a very low noise of 48db at the maximum speed. These 4 blades flush mounted ceiling fan has a remote control with which you can set the timer and us the lighting switch on memory, warm, neutral and cold lighting. Great acquisition for medium size spaces between 13-20m2. 

More than 20m²

Models: Ekos, Tanik, Millar, Randy, Storm, Lighter, Noro, Tempo, Yen, Taga, Bali, Zentro, YenBig

Big size fan

Large size rooms, with a more than 20m² Bedrooms, require ceiling fans with blades span bigger than 125cm diameter. They perfectly fit to Large Bedrooms, Family Rooms, and Media Rooms. 

Big size DC ceiling fan Bell has hidden blades within it´s structure. You can use it all the time as a ceiling light with high luminosity o 55 W and 2600lumens, with a pleasant switch one memory and just in summer press the button to use the fan function just when you need. It needs approximately 30 seconds to unfold the 4 transparent silicone blades and enjoy the air breeze even at the maximum speed with just 40db noise. 

Tanik DC ceiling fans with LED is available in three different finishes, white, brown and grey. You will find it´s 6 blades design very elegant, with rounded blades, that reminds you a camomile flower, for romantic and classic interior designs. Enjoy the Tanik Collection of fans during summer to cool your space and during winter to keep the warm. You will appreciate a lot the three temperatures lighting that have a switch one memory, so you can keep your favourite lighting all the time, using the remote control included. Additionally, you can purchase a Smart kit, and use control its function from your phone application or Alexa and Google home device. The size of this fans fits perfectly into a 20m2 rooms. 

Low ceiling rooms

Models: Slice, Liria, Surat.

Another important issue to take into consideration before purchasing a ceiling fan from CristalRecord, are the low or heigh ceiling of your room. Some low ceiling rooms, for security reason need short down rod or flush ceiling fans. 

Summer/Winter Function Fans.

Models: Lighter, Blus, Agra, Alum, Areca, Terre, Lince, Mode, Tanik, Yen, Yen Big, Surat, Ekos, Noro, Bali, Tempo, Zentro, Orion, Tabit, Bloq, Millar, Randy, Cimio, Stel. 

Summer - Winter

The fans with inverse summer/winter function can be used all year round. In summer, rotating counterclockwise keeps the room cool by creating a cool downward flow of air. During the winter, it rotates in a clockwise direction, creating a flow of air that moves hot air away from the ceiling.

Ekos Collection DC ceiling fans in white or nickel finishes have distinctive 3 blades that has a curvy shape close to the centre of the fan. Integrated LED lighting of 15W and 1500 Lumens in three lighting temperatures to be chosen from, thanks to it´s switch on memory. Additionally, you can install the Smart Option, just add the reference KIT-SMART VENTI to your order. Less energy consumption ceiling fan with super silent operation system. 

Noro DC Ceiling fans Collection with 5 blades, in black or white finishes, curvy design at the edge of the blades, makes it special and beautiful. It has included 2 down rods, so you may choose between that minimum drop of 38.5cm and maximum drop of 51cm. Five speed that you can choose from with the remote control included, timer and three lighting temperatures, with switch on memory included. This high luminosity fan of 20W and 1800lumens, is at the same time high powered airflow of 12420 m3/h, and just 36 dB noise.  

Switch – on memory ceiling Fans with CCT Lighting

Models: Lighter, Blus, Agra, Slice 54, Slice 73, Bell, Klon Plus, Areca, Terre, Lince, Mode, Tanik, Yen, Yen Big, Surat, Ekos, Noro, Tempo, Taga, Liria, Nuba, Cimio, Stel, Bastian, Helos, Samos.

Klon Plus

The ceiling fans within this category have an integrated LED lighting in three temperature, warm, cold and neutral. The Switch on memory helps you to decide the most used lighting option. In case you are using this fan just in the evening and want a warm lighting, by programming it, each time you light up the room, from the wall switch or remote control, it will keep the same warm lighting. 

Tempo DC Ceiling fans Collection with 4 reversible blades, in white or grey finish, and the colour of blades can be chosen from white or dark wood for the first version, and clear wood or silver colour for the second version. With its remote control include you can operate the summer – winter function, 5 speeds of airflow, three lighting temperatures and the timer. Additionally, you can procure the Smart Kit, as it is compatible, and control it with your Smart Home Application. Big ceiling fan for space more than 20m2, thanks to its 132 cm blades span, and high luminosity lighting of 23W and 1600Lumens. 

Lince DC ceiling fan with a big lighting diffuser of 42cm diameter, and wavy blades, is a great choice for the ones who are looking for more lighting in a ceiling fan. Perfect for a medium size room, with an air flow at the maximum speed of 10500m3/h and all this with 200RPM. Very silent ceiling fan, a great option for bedrooms, as it has a pleasant design and white finish, to help you to have a nice view when you open your ice in the morning. 

Ifeel Function Ceiling fan

Models: Slice 54, Slice 73.

Fans with this sensor detect the room temperature when the “Ifeel” button is pressed and start to run at a suitable speed to reach the right temperature as soon as possible. 

Amazing Ceiling Fan Slice with DC motor is available in two version, structure with 54 cm diameter and the other one with 73cm diameter. Great fan that can be installed flush or with a down rod. The idea of functioning is like Alum Collection. The airflow is produced by the moving structure. Except the 6 speeds, timer, switch on memory and dimmable lighting it has the Ifeel function. This function helps you to set a minimum temperature for automatic start on moving of the blades.

Natural Wood Blades Ceiling Fans

Models: Terre, Yen, Yen Big, Taga.

Terre and Taga Ceiling fans

Stylish and attractive models with polished nickel and exotic wood blades became very fashion among CristalRecord’s Clients. The wood used for the blades is very light, usually it is beach wood. We have at your disposal clear finishes and stylish dark wood finishes. 

Terre DC ceiling fan with three natural wood blades in light finish. Elegant style with eco-friendly blades, the ceiling fan Terr is one of our Top 5 best Sellers fans. The extra light blades, with in clear woof finish will bring a cosy ambient to any interior. It´s modern nickel finish case, with white lighting diffuser made of acrylic is conquering the hearts of our clients. With this ceiling fan with integrated LED of 18W that is available in three lighting temperatures, cold, neutral and warm, has a switch one memory. With its remote control you may program the functioning time, change the speed up to 6 and change the operation system from Summer to winter, in order to keep the warm.

Taga ceiling fan with 2 blades made beach wood in dark natural finish and AC Motor. A simple solution for a stylish house. It has integrated CCT LED lighting of 15W and 1300 lumen brightness. Timer from 1 to 8 h and CCT memory can be operated by the remote control included. 

Hidden Blades Ceiling Fan

Models:  Liria, Samos, Helos, Bastian.

Liria and Samos

Hidden blades ceiling fans look most likely as ceiling light with integrated blades. They became very popular especially with the requirement to have a ventilation system and keep the style of the room. 

Liria ceiling fan a great choice for light up your space and use the option to ventilate it. It is great for low ceilings as it has just a 15cm maximum drop. Hidden blades, within the structure makes it the best option for kids’ room, for security reasons, as the 5 blades are covered with a plastic grill. This fan has a very high luminosity of 48W and 1500 Lumens. Thanks to it´s switch on memory in 4000K, your space can easily transform to a working one. As after Covid19 crises mane living rooms became home offices, the need for a working light increased a lot. You can also enjoy the dimmable function and increase or decrease the lighting intensity. All functions mentioned above including timer and the three speeds of the airflow can be regulated with the remote control included in the product. 

Folding Blades Ceiling Fans 

Models: Bell, Klon Collection, Areca, Nuba

Folding Blades Fan

Folding blades ceiling fans look like a ceiling light with a rod. They usually have a big lighting diffuser, and while using just the lighting, the blades are folded behind, so you barely see them. It makes a great effect of a modern ceiling light in a minimalist style. Just the moment you want to use the fan function they blades are unfolding and rotate above the lighting.   

Areca Ceiling fans had a great success on the market since it´s appearance in summer 2021. Those stylish and minimalist modern ceiling fans available in white and nickel colours are a great acquisition for the ones who loos for perfectionism. Thin ceiling light with down rod and three folding blades.

Klon Plus is another folding blade ceiling fan with DC Motor, 3 lighting temperatures, 6 fan´s speeds and switch on memory. It is one of our top sells fans, in nickel finish with 4 transparent folding blades. High lighting luminosity of 50w and 4260Lumens for big spaces and rooms such as living room and offices. Very silent and the maximum speed, just 38db, perfect for being used as a fan in summer and as ceiling light during the whole year. 

No Blades Fans

Models:  Alum, Slice.

Slice and Alum

The ceiling fans that have no blades are based on a circular structure which is moving with a certain speed creating a uniform airflow. 

Alum DC Collection in black and white finishes with DC Motor, remote control that helps you to set the timer and lighting temperature has a distinctive feature with no blades. The air is produced by the rotation of the cylindric structure, having both options, summer and winter use. 

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Model: Storm

Outdoor Fan

The difference between and indoor and an outdoor ceiling fan, is that a wet location ceiling fans are approved for safe outdoor use and any place in your home that might be exposed to water. High IP rated ceiling fans are manufactured with rust-resistant materials and all-weather blades to endure rain, snow, ocean spray, or any kind of water. Adding a ceiling fan to your porch, terrace or patio is a great way to help increase your comfort level by providing a cooling breeze and helping to keep pesky bugs away. CristalRecord within its actual Catalogue of Ceiling fans has one outdoor ceiling fan Storm. Storm is a three blades ceiling fan, with a 132cm blades span, in a matt white finish. It has a modern design, with no lighting, an IP44 for cooling chillout zones. It has three speeds, high airflow of 11500m3 at maximum speed a and a timer for 1 to 8 hours of operation. All those features you may select with the remote control, included in the price. 

Smart Ceiling Fans

Model: Lighter. 


Smart ceiling fans have integrated the Smart kit and the fan can be controlled from your mobile phone through the Tuya App compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. All fans that can be installed with a smart remote control are marked in the catalogue.  

Within this Category of Ceiling fans, we highly recommend you our patented model Lighter, that has integrated LED lighting in the blades and in the diffuser. The effect of double lighting is impressive and beautiful. It works with Remote Control and Smart Control giving you the possibility to choose the best lighting and airflow, also keeps the memory of the last position. With Smart control you will be able to switch it on before coming home, in order refresh the space, and play with all the functions it has. 

Optional Smart Ceiling fans

Models: Mode, Tanik, Ekos, Noro, Tempo, Cimio, Stel. 

Smart Fans

CristalRecord has a selection of fans that can be easily converted into a Smart fan due to their characteristics. When installing the fan, you just should replace the remote control and its corresponding receiver that come included with the fans with our Smart-Kit. Now your fan can be controlled from your mobile phone through the Tuya App compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. All fans that can be installed with a smart remote control are marked in the catalogue.  

Mode DC ceiling fans in White and Black finishes, a ceiling fan with 6 blades with 106.6cm length has integrated LED lighting of 24W, and great luminosity of 2200Lm that you can operate with a remote control and set up una of its lighting temperature. This means that you can set for instance the warm lighting as the preferential one, and have it programmed each time you switch one the light. This model has optional smart kit, just add to your shopping cart the reference KIT-SMART-VENTI, and then you will have magic in you hands. Control your ceiling fan from your phone, switch it on one house before coming home or create an operation schedule. This cool ceiling fan has two down rods and can be installed at 33 minimum drop a 45.5cm maximum drop. 

Ceiling Fans with Lighting kit

Models: Randy, Millar, Capri, Bloq, Tabit, Orion. 

Tabit Fan

CristalRecord is offering a range of ceiling fans without integrated LED lighting, for clients that prefer to use light bulbs instead. By placing the light bulbs, usually they should be a standard E27 thread, you will have a complete control of the lighting of your ceiling fan. You will not need LED spare parts, and this makes you a bit more less dependent on our post sale spare parts supply service. 

Capri ceiling fans Collection is available in two finishes either you like white one or modern silver one. The ceiling fans from this collection have three blades, modern design and are super easy to install. This AC motor fan has three speeds and timer from 1 to 6 hours that you may operate with the remote control, included in the product. 

Randy Ceiling fans are available in three finishes, white, nickel or black structure, and they have reversible blades, so you may choose the colour of the blades between two options. This is another AC fan with lighting kit, that requires 2 E27 bulbs. It has five blades, three speeds, summer-winter function and timer from 1 to 9 hour. 

Customised ceiling fans for projects

CristalRecord is supplying with ceiling fans contract projects of residential buildings, business buildings, and hotels, according to the requests of architectural companies.  We can adapt our ceiling fans to the needs of our customer, by providing wall controls, smart controls, also change of the design and features.  

Accessories & Spare Parts for CristalRecord Lighting Ceiling Fans

Spare Parts and Accessories CristalRecord Ceiling Fans. Smart or universal remote controls for fans, spare parts for blades, chains to switch on /off, diffusers for fans, and lighting kits. 

CristalRecord Lighting offers an after-sale service for the clients that have purchased ceiling fans. By having CristalRecord ceiling fans you also need some spare parts, as during the unproperly use of ceiling fans, or delivery issue to your clients it may be affected. Here you can find all CristalRecord available spare parts for celling fans. Here you will also find accessories such as universal remote controls for AC fans, devices to turn your ceiling fan into a smart celling fan, then you will be able to control it from your mobile phone with Alexa or Google Home App.

If you have a broken fan blade, check that we have spare parts to avoid having to change the whole fan. Among our fans you will find fans with a handle or to be installed directly on the ceiling as if it were a ceiling fan.

For more information like Ceiling Fans Price List, Catalogue, Stock availability and orders please contact us