Indoor Lighting

CristalRecord Lighting is a is a fast-growing Company based in Spain, a follow up of a family business that started in the early 80´s, that started with producing Crystal Chandeliers with Swarovski crystals in Zaragoza, Spain. The new generation based on the experience in manufacturing and distributing lighting fixtures and lamps have founded in 1995 our days known CristalRecord Lighting.

Since its beginning, CristalRecord has built its main value proposition of creating lighting fixtures for day-to-day life, that are necessary on every households or commercial primes. This is the way how the syntagma Real Life Solutions appeared syntagma. The Indoor Lighting is one of the pillars that CristalRecord built its identity.

This is our most complex Section, the Interior Lighting, usually used with the terms of IP20, that we divide it into Light Bulbs Category, Technical Lighting Category and Decorative Lighting Category. We are glad to present you our more than 1400 products of indoor lighting, with different designs to please the taste of Modern and Classic Interiors Lovers, Industrial and Vintage, Rustic Interior Style followers and of course other styles successors. All this with the latest innovative LED lighting technology for a better use of energy and with the best quality lighting. Increase your sales with the latest LED lighting solutions.

Indoor Lighting CristalRecord

Technical and Industrial Lighting

CristalRecord as Lighting Manufacturer gives a lot of importance to Technical and Industrial Lighting. By those terms we mean the Commercial Lighting that has the purpose to be used in Lighting Projects and Architectural Projects. Our clients in this case are the Construction Companies, Lighting Projects Managers that has the purpose to supply new buildings, offices, renovation projects with the basic lighting fixtures such as LED Panels, Flood Lights, LED Downlights, Recessed Light with integrated LED or Light Bulbs and Track kits and Spotlights

Industrial Lighting

Decorative Lighting

For the last 25 years CristalRecord dedicated its efforts to delight the clients with decorative lighting. We consider that we have succeed to achieve high performance manufacturing and wholesale of a great selection of decorative lighting for interiors such as bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and entrance hall.

In this section, we are glad to present your Flush Mounts with integrated LED Lighting, dimmable in intensity and three temperature colours that can be controlled by a remote. We consider this one of our best lighting products. The other category of ceiling lights that we consider a successful lighting fixture for our clients are the Pendants lights, especially our Rustic Collection with pita cord hanging. The Desk Lamps by CristalRecord became a must especially after the home office décor boom in 2020. Also explore our Wall LightsTable Lamps and Floor Lamps with integrated LED lighting, touch switch and decorative effect.

Beside this, we have also enlarged our lighting stocks with children room lighting, so you will find funny and cute pendant lights with princesses, excavators, airplanes and football balls. Also discover Cristal Record’s kids table lamps, in the shape of cute puppies, frogs and rabbits. 

Office deco lighting

Explore CristalRecord Online Catalogue of Interior Lighting, browse the features you are looking for by using filters and search functions.

Find here all our products for decorative LED lighting: pendant lights, floor lamps, table lamps, downlights, flush ceiling lightsspotlights and recessed lights, wall lights, desk lamps, bulbs, flood lights and accessories.

A large selection of quality products with the latest LED technology designed to satisfy the needs of each customer, at the same time as provides the right lighting for every space.