CristalRecord’s Photometry Laboratory

LED lighting market has suffered an exponential growth in the recent years and the ever changing customers’ needs demanding products with improved performance and quality, capable of offering higher lm/W ratios, does contribute to the engineering and launch of new products.

As a part of our determined strategy for LED lighting, and framed within our R+D and quality assurance policies, we have installed our own photometry laboratory equipped with an Ulbricht measuring sphere, with the aim to perform our own products’ testings in order to grant the quality and reliability of our LED lighting solutions.


Our technicians can test any LED lighting product, of our own or from our competitors, quickly and easily, and get a test report including product’s key technical parameters. Among others, some of the most commonly used parameters to compare items’ performances, are:

Power (W),
 Colour Temperature CCT (K),
Luminous flux (lm),
Color rendering index (CRI),
Power factor (PF),