Desk Lamps

Home office with CristalRecord Desk Lamps is your modern answer to the created situation of the sanitarian crises and the new work model that seems to be with us for long time.  Find out our suggestion for supplying your lighting stock with desk lamps range.

Latest technology in a desk lamp that has not just lamp function, but also clock, calendar, alarm, thermometer and usb port in a modern design are the Star and Duck desk Lamps Collections.

Find our special desk lamps from Ventix Collection with an integrated fan, Discovery with speaker and Moon Collections with RGB additional ambient lighting, Galaxy is compact foldable desk lamp with USB port. All are unique, with their special functions.

Desk Lamps CristalRecord

Discover our newest generation the Elna table lamp, with cool design of a transparent lampshade that has integrated LED lighting. Mel Wall Lights connects with an EU plug as a desk lamps, with a foldable arm, so it looks like a horizontal desk lamp.

As you can see, we have a great range of unique desk lamps available at wholesale price, for your office, home office, reception desk, bedside lighting or hall entrance lighting.

A wide variety of styles in LED desk lamps, desk lamps and worklights to suit your work environment and help you work more efficiently and comfortably. Browse through the many features our office lighting range offers: USB, alarm, digital clock, adjustable lighting colour, dimmable light, etc.