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How to choose Outdoor Lighting?

Summertime and the latest COVID related restriction make us think about a more comfortable outside stay, either for households or commercial premises. CristalRecord Lighting is a reliable lighting supplier that has a great range of outdoor lighting fixtures to propose to trades. Here we will provide you some useful information connecting the right selection of the outdoor lighting and will describe you our Outdoor Collection Catalogue.   

Outdoor Catalogue CR

Choose outdoor lighting by task:

Any exterior lighting project made by a professional designer, or a private person starts with lighting needs, either it is ambient lighting, functional lighting to illuminate a specific area for security reasons or decorative lighting. The Ambient lighting usually is a soft lighting for relaxing zone, or dining area. The Functional Outdoor Lighting, usually are the flood lights or spotlights effective form of protection for your property, helping to deter intruders by eliminating shadowy areas. Ideal for homes and businesses, spaces like store show windows, large back gardens, parking areas and yards. The Decorative Lighting usually represents outdoor garland lighting, festoon lights and of course portable table lamps, and flowerpots with lights, which you can regulate with dimmer or RGB lighting.  

Choose by outdoor area:

Before choosing the Outdoor Lighting, think about the room-expanding view to the outside at night, to enjoy even if you are not outside.

Outdoor Lighting

Garden Lights 

Garden lighting usually is used to illuminate landscape, which can be the flower beds, woody plants, trees, and the pathways. You will need for these functional lights like bollard lights, pedestal lights, decking lights, ground lights, flood lights to focus the lighting to a specific point or enhance the aesthetics of a garden ornamental compositions. 

Patio Lights 

Patio areas or backyard of your house can be illuminated efficiently with outdoor wall lights. The pathway to the dining area can be lit using recessed lights, decking lights or small bollard lights. The Flood lights can be used in your yard for late night parties, and they can include spotlights for security purposes. A good patio and yard lighting in your seating areas is a combination of an ambient and practical lighting.

Balcony Lights & Terrace Lights

To enhance the design of you Balcony and Terrace will help you good lighting. After Pandemic time taught us to value this space a lot and think more about a cosy and pleasant stay outside of you home, either you are using it for homework, relax or dinning. Some outdoor flush lights, LED downlights and wall lights will fulfil the task to provide your balcony and terrace with enough light. 

Outdoor Dining areas 

The dining area within a patio or terrace is often lit ambient and decorative lighting such as string lights, post lights, or hanging lights. Ambience lighting to give you enough light for dinner and drinks but not to make you feel like you are in the house. To illuminate the outdoor lounge and dining area you can use as central lighting outdoor lanterns, pendants, and ceiling fans equipped with light.

Pathway Lights

Lamp posts, Bollard lights, Pedestal Lamps bulkhead lights and in-ground spots are perfect choice to light driveways, pathways, and other access areas. You need it for a safety and navigational assistance. The pathway lights are placed at regular intervals to provide practical lighting. For instance, you can create a highly versatile outdoor lighting, functional and decorative at the same time, by highlighting either the design of the outdoor lamps or the design of the lighting they provide, playing with shadows and lighting angles. For more reasonable use of energy, we recommend you motion sensor bulkhead lights or LED flood lights to be placed in the passageway area.  

Porch Lights & Fence Lighting 

You can use as decorative porch lighting a pendant lantern, or wall lights to provide an extra security and decoration to the exterior of your home or business. The garage outside zone, also fits great wall lanterns on each side of the garage door or a single fixture above. Create a great lighting design by playing with the shadows and spotlights and illuminate any side of the house.

Fence Lighting 

Choose by Lumens 

A lumen is a measurement of how much light comes from lighting fixtures, it encloses the brightness, intensity, and amount of visible emitted light. 

Outdoor lighting needs ranges from 12-1300 depending on where they are or the certain features you will want to illuminate. Just decoration landscape lighting use fewer lumens, path lights should be 100-200 lumens, while security lights are anywhere from 300 to 700 lumens.

General Landscape Lights: 50-300 lumens
Landscape spotlights: 120 lumens.
Hardscape lights (on walls): 50-185 lumens
Path and step lights: 100-200 lumens
Lamp posts: 120-180 lumens
Flood and motion sensor lights: 700-1300 lumens
Underwater lights or pool lights: 200-400 lumens

Choose by IP and IK

The IP degree of protection has two digits. First digit means the level of protection against dust and the second digit the level of protection against water. The lowest IP without any protection, is IP00 and the highest is IP68 with full waterproof and dust tight. See below our interactive table that will help you to choose the right Lighting Protection for your outdoor space.

IP Rating table

The IK Ratings indicates the mechanical resistance to harmful impacts and that may damage the product. The lowest IK without any resistance is IK00 and the maximum resistance is IK10. See below our table that will help you to choose the right Lighting Protection against external mechanical impacts. 

IK rating table

Choose by Product

Outdoor Lighting fixtures by CristalRecord Lighting Manufacturer  

Even if CristalRecord Lighting was producing lighting fixtures with IP for outdoors since the beginning of Company´s activity, the idea to have a new ambitious Collection with a great range of products came to us after passing through restrictions caused by Pandemic issue. Long stay in outdoors, for prevention reasons, made us to revise the outside lighting in both house hols and commercial spaces. Bellow we will describe you by product category our offer for trades: Outdoor Wall Lights, LED Bollard Lights, Outdoor Pendant Lights, Pedestal Lights, Spike Lights, Bulkhead Lights, LED Flood Lights IP65, LED Flush Lights IP54, LED Recessed Lights IP 65 and our outdoor ceiling fan.  

Outdoor Wall Lights 

Exterior wall lights or wall sconce are the most common lighting fixtures used with all the purposes, as an ambient lighting, pathway lighting or security light. 

Outdoor Wall Lights with up & down lighting, that helps you to create a beautiful lighting design, by playing with lighting angle and shades. 

The Antop wall lamp, in matt white finish, with integrated LED COB lighting provides a great lighting of 539Lm up and 539Lm down, in a neutral 4000K lighting. This small wall light, in cubical shape, with just 9cm width and height, has an IP54 protection and no flicker lighting, the best for your eyes comfort.

The Collection Cube in White and Black finish, in warm or neutral lighting versions is our top sell product, most popular among our clients. It´s simple design with adjustable lighting angle from 20 to 90 degree each side, gives you freedom to direct lighting as you wish. Easy to mount with an integrated LED COB lighting for being installed to mains from 110V to 240V. 

Cube Wall Lights

View wall lamp is a beautiful design matt white finish up and down lighting with integrated LED COB that provides 360 lumens. No flicker lighting for your eyes comfort. 

Another up&down lighting collections are Confo 2xGU10 and Relax 2xGU10. Both are with IP44 waterproof and IK 08. Minimalist wall lamps in rectangular matt white shape for Confo and tubular anthracite grey colour for Relax. Perfect lamps to choose the best lighting you need, either it is a SMART GU10 that you can control it with your domotic application Alexa or google Home, or we can propose you the CCT GU10 Bulb, where you can choose the lighting temperature during installation. 

Adjustable Lighting Angle Wall lights. 

Adjustable lighting angle Wall lights in our Collection are the Cipri, Satur, Tivo and Upri lamps. 850Lm LED SMD wall Light Cipri, has up to 180° adjustable lighting angle, and a high IP54 and no flicker. Satur Wall Light has a beautiful ring shape design where you can move the structure up to 90°, a LED SMD with 719Lm in 4000°K neutral lighting. Tivo LED SMD wall lights has a movable structure that can be used as a bulkhead lighting or an up or down lighting. Enjoy its special design in circular or square shape and neutral 4000°K lighting. Upri Exterior Wall Light has a sophisticated design, with a rectangular base and a square frame, with the LED COB Lighting inside the structure. You can move the structure, and adjust the lighting angle, of its 360Lm and 4000°K light. Great lights that work within the temperature -20° and +50°.

Tivo Outdoor Lights

Outdoor Lighting fixture with Bulb

Super comfortable in use the lighting fixture with bulbs. Here we talk gain about GU10 bulb holder the wall lights from the Collection Confo and Relax. They are available in one light or two lights. Match it with our CCT GU10 bulb or Smart GU10 Bulb, for a great lighting as you want. Want a visible and beautiful filament bulb in your outdoors, we recommend you in this case the Ronda lantern and RuteRonda is more classic style outdoor wall sconce and Rute is a modern one with pure lines, both in matt black finishes. Those special Outdoor Lamps has an IP44 protection on the top of the product and IP23 in the downside of the product, as it has an open space to screw the bulb. Match them with our Vintage Bulbs in Matt’s white, Half mirror or Amber glass bulbs with beautiful ceramic filaments. 

Rute and Ronda Outdoor Lights

LED Bollard Lights 

Within bollard lights and pathway lights we propose you Maribo, Pisa Collection and Satur Bollard Lights. Maribo 400Lm LED SMD integrated lighting design for main lighting connection, with a lighting tube inside a rectangular structure in anthracite finish, made of aluminium and plastic. Pisa Collection are rectangular anthracite finish bollard lights with a LED COB 350Lm, in 30cm height and 250cm height versions. Satur Bollard light has a special design, comes with a wall light from the same Collection.It is made of a tubular base and an adjustable circle with LED SMD lighting of 719Lm, and 8w consumption. Maribo and Pisa Bollard Lights have and heigh IP65, perfect match for any outdoor surface area. 

Bollard Lights by CristalRecord

Outdoor Pendant light 

For your perfect dinning place or as a porch light we propose to your attention the Ronda Pendant Light. This is a lantern with a IP44 on the top, and IP23 downside area, where you place the bulb. The Outdoor suspension lamp Ronda has an adjustable height metal chain, with a glass and metal made structure. Perfect match with CristalRecord vintage bulbs Collection. 

Pedestal Light 

The fence area also deserves a nice design lighting, for over wall surface area. The Maribo Pedestal Light, with a soft 250Lm lighting and 7W, will supply this exterior lighting function with its day light LED lighting. 

Spike Light 

A must in any garden are the Spike lights. We want to surprise you with our two functions lighting outdoor lamp Put. You can install it in both ways as a spike lighting or as a wall light. Cannot decide the final design of your pathway or garden lighting? Choose this great outside lighting product with IP65 and good lighting in 12W and 870 Lm COB LED. It will serve you 30.000 hours. Connect it with a Smart Switch to control it with your Google Home or Alexa App.

Put outdoor lamp

Bulkhead Light 

Practical and economic way to light up your outside spaces with style is the motions sensor included bulkhead light Sun. Program it’s great motion sensor function from 8 to 300s, and enjoy it within the 8-12 m area, and a maximum height of 2.5m. LED SMD integrated lighting with a 8W consumption in 585LM. 

Bulkhead light and flush mounts

Flood Lights 

LED Flood lights area the best way for a broad beam of light. We propose you the Collection Luxek in its version of 10W, 20W and 30W. High IP65 for any outdoor surface area, with LED SMD and 25.000h of operation time. Need a 100W, 150W or 200W flood lights? Baco Collection flood lights are the best lighting option for you. Ask for quotation for any lighting project you have by email. 

Flood Lights

Outdoor LED Flush Mounts 

For the Balconies and terraces as a main lighting CristalRecord suggests the Flush Lights with IP54 from the Collection Dalia in square and round versions and the Collection Know in White and Anthracite finishes, also Square and Round. Know is available in 18W and 30W with neutral lighting and Dalia in 3000°K, 4000°K and 6000°K, respectively with 12W, 18W and 24W versions. Polycarbonate made surface mounting lights Dalia and aluminium and acrylic made Know Collection are used also in bathroom and high humidity kitchen areas. 

Flush Lights Outdoor

Outdoor LED Recessed Lights 

Porches, pathways and even swimming pool areas, depending on the IP rating are a perfect place for recessed lighting. CristalRecord propose you a great choice of the following lights: Collection Tango LED Surface Downlight IP54, Alhambra GU10 IP65, Soner LED Downlight UGR19 IP44, Sol LED Downlight UGR19 IP44 and Eve LED Surface Downlight IP44. Tango Collection has a surface part, but needs a recessed installation, it comes in version of 9W and 36W, and all temperatures. Great solution also for bathrooms and master baths. Alhambra is a special recessed light, that works with GU10 bulb, so great choice to use our CCT bulb or Smart bulbs. It is available in square and round versions, and we also have the option to choose from 4 types of finishes, by selecting the frames you prefer, from nickel in round and square and white in round and square. Soner LED Downlight is great for eyes comfort, thanks to its UGR19. Soner LED Light is available in 15W, 20W and 30W, thanks to its 3CCT lighting, you can decide the best temperature you need during installation. Use it in kitchens and bathrooms, to have a better and clearer lighting. Sol LED Downlight is 11cm deep into the ceiling, and the inox covered version has an UGR19, perfect choice not only for outdoors but also for kitchens, bathrooms. Sol Collection are Long-life LED SMD of 50.000h. Eve LED Downlight, with a beautiful design and a transparent ring, available in white and black versions, with LED COB lighting and 7W power, will decorate your exteriors and provide good direct lighting. 

Alhambra Recessed Light

Outdoor LED Strips IP67

Use the IP67-rated LED strips to line and highlight your garden pathways, the area around the swimming pool, under-stairs areas and of course the terrace area, where you need a soft and smooth lighting for your dinning place. CristalRecord Lighting propose you the 14.4W/m lighting in 2700K, 4000K or 6000K. the come in rolls of 5m and require a 24VDC power supply.  

Strip Lights in Swimming pool

Outdoor Ceiling fan 

Finally, after all the lighting suggestions we made before, now we propose to your attention the waterproof ceiling fan Storm with no light, and IP44. All the lighting you need you can assure will all the suggestion we did before, so for a nice summer wind within your outdoors stay, we come with our remote control operated and beautiful design in white finish pure lines ceiling fan. It is nor noisy, with a maximum 43DB noise for the maximum speed of 195 RPM and an airflow of 11500m3/h. 


For any question and suggestion you may have consult our Customer support team.