Angel Aparicio Origins

The story of Angel Aparicio brand starts on 04/01/1983, when was established the factory Lamparas Aparicio, in Zaragoza Spain. The factory was specialized in creating chandeliers, ceiling lamps and other lighting fixtures with Swarovski crystals. Most of those lights with crystals were exported to Russia and Arab countries, but also partially sold in El Corte Ingles Shops in Spain. 

Chandeliers Aparicio Candeleras Aparicio 2 Recessed Lights

The new generations of the company founder continued to work on developing the brand according to the market needs, with innovative lighting fixtures. In this way, on 14 of March 1995, a small family business with 3 people, in a utility of 200m2, in Zaragoza, in Villanueva de Gallego, was created by Angel Aparicio and Beatriz Andres. Before creating this Company, Angel Aparicio used to work in his father´s factory of Cristal Chandeliers Manufacturer, with the name Lamparas Aparicio and the Logo an Angel. The idea to have an evil with a symbolic Artisan Turkish Glass Lamp in the hands, came to have a balance with the previous Logo of the Angel. By the way, the Turkish Glass Lamps where one the first lighting products that CristalRecord team was producing and distributing. 

CristalRecord CristalRecord CristalRecord

Our days CRISTALRECORD S.L. is composed by a young team and with a wide experience in decorative and technical lighting, with Headquarters and Logistic Centre of 4000 m2 and in Zaragoza, another Lighting Warehouse in Barcelona, and Lighting Production facilities in Alicante and Zaragoza. 

The new approach of the Company was the adjustment to the needs and trends of the sector about design, service and attention to the client, being a guarantee of this effort the certification of the Quality Management.  CristalRecord company used to be present in the most prestigious fairs of lighting at national and international level as FIAM (Valencia), MATELEC (Madrid), LIGHT AND BUILDING (Frankfurt) and EUROLUCES (Milan). The excellent relation quality-price and efficient service made it a competitive company in the sector of the lighting, taking it to the goal of high grade of satisfaction of customers. 

By gaining the clients´ confidence and loyalty CRISTALRECORD has consolidated its presence in more than 20 countries.

In 2017, after the assimilation of an old tradition factory, Adolfo Alba S.L. in producing lighting fixture, from Alicante, Spain, CristalRecord created a new Brand - Angel Aparicio Spain. In this way CristalRecord started to manufacture recessed lights, can lights, downlights and other recessed fixtures for interiors, with Made in Spain quality and standards. 

Adolfa Alba Adolfa Alba Adolfo Alba

Adolfo Alba S.L. was founded in 1979 and was dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of all types of lighting products. In its beginnings, its efforts were focused solely on the manufacture of luminaires with Made in Spain quality, but over time it expanded its services and became involved in the marketing of these lighting items, managing to establish a wide commercial network that currently extends to more than 30 countries around the world.  Its main headquarters have always been in Alicante (Spain) and although the facilities have increased, the company has always been in Alicante (Spain). Adolfo Alba stand out as one of the few factories in the sector with Integrated Manufacturing System. They also used to have more than 5000m2 in facilities. Furthermore, they counted on design and development of new tooling section, with areas of injection, vibration, polishing, painting and electrolytic baths as well as robotic and manual assembly lines. These were always based on the respect for the environment and the compliance of the European Union normative.

The attention and quality demonstrated during its 38 years of experience and the trust placed in it by its customers make Adolfo Alba S.L. a company with a very good reputation in the sector.

Angel Aparicio Our Days 

Angel Aparicio Spain is a new brand specialized in technical lighting that belongs to CristalRecord, after assimilation of the Adolfo Alba Lighting Factory in 2017. 

With this new Brand, we design, manufacture and commercialize different types of luminaires made in Spain with LED technology, adapting to the constantly changing need of the global market, as well as creating personalized experiences.

Angel Aparicio Production Angel Aparicio 2 Angel Aparicio

The abusive invasion of cheap lighting fixtures from Asia into European market was affecting a lot the Spanish manufacturer. The solution was to perform a high value for products Made in Spain, by creating a high-quality lighting item, perform a good service and guarantee.

The differentiation of Angel Aparicio Spain lighting products is the use of the Zamak injection moulding in production of recessed spotlights, recessed downlight, adjustable recessed light fixture and recessed lighting kits, trims and parts, then the items are polished and bathed. The lighting fixtures made by the Spanish lighting manufacturer Angel Aparicio are more resistant, the product does not damage easily. 

Another added value to our product is the fair trade, the care about the employees that are involved in the production process. The Angel Aparicio products are made in harmony, with positive energy that can radiate the Iberian Peninsula.

Recessed Lights Recessed Lights 2 Recessed Lights

Mission, Vision and Values. 

Our Mission

Angel Aparicio mission is to produce high quality and innovative made In Spain technical luminarias for contract projects and distributors. 

Our Vision

To become essential partner with high quality products made in Spain for Contract Projects and Distributors in Middle East, Europe and Africa. 

Our Values 

By Creating the new brand Angel Aparicio Spain, we wanted to keep the values that promoted the previous team of Adolfo Alba and the CristalRecord´s ones. In this way we promote within everything we do the following values: 

Angel Aparicio Angel Aparicio 2 Angel Aparicio

Innovation – means to go beyond our limits and look for a better performance of our products and services. 

Commitment, Proximity and Reliance – in all our actions, keep the promise and our reputation in each lighting project or deal. 

Flexibility, Adaptability, Dynamism – we are open to any challenge that our customers bring us, trying always give a prompt answer, finding best solutions within reasonable terms. 

Quality and Efficiency – we are looking for the best quality of our products, by giving a long-term guarantee, for 2 to 10 years in products, drivers or LED chips. 

Differentiation and Specializations – we have a tight range of products, as we want to concentrate on the items that are differentiating us in the market and makes us unique. 


Angel Aparicio recessed spotlights and downlights are made of zamak. First it is used the zamak injection moulding, then the items are polished and bathed. All the materials used in these processes are of high quality, fact that allows us to offer a guarantee of up to 10 years. The production process usually takes 3 weeks of manufacturing and mounting. Therefore, we mostly work on demand, with small stocks available. 

Angel Aparicio


As a part of strong commitment in LED lighting and R&D efforts, all the lighting products pass the photometry laboratory equipped with an Ulbricht measuring sphere, where is tested very exhaustive their performance in order to ensure the quality and reliability of our LED lighting solutions. Our technicians test all the LED lighting products, and the products of our competitors, quickly and easily, and get a test report including product’s key technical parameters.

CristalRecord works together with external laboratories whose main goals are to provide manufacturers with a mean of ensuring that their products comply with the Directives on Community Safety as well as the speed and reliability of the tests.


The Angel Aparicio marketing and design department is responsible for the design of packaging and supports the sales force with the design of posters, advertising displays and brochures for commercial operations. We can offer customized product solutions and brand design adapted to the shelves of our customers and current trends, offering customized material. In addition, we support the web content of E-commerce distributors. 


Angel Aparicio Spain Brand has inherited the international red of the Adolfo Alba and CristalRecord Companies. This guaranteed the export of the Angele Aparicio Spain products to more than 30 countries situated in the Middle East, Europe and Africa.  Thanks to Angel Aparicio excellent team, we can answer and satisfy our customer´s most demanding expectations anywhere in the world.

The range of products that Angel Aparicio Spain is proposing to the customers is mostly technical Lighting that are used in Contract Projects. Those are public institutions such as city halls, hospitals, ports and private villas, buildings situated in Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. 

Download Angel Aparicio Spain Technical Lighting Catalogue to discover our range of products, with their features, beautiful finishes in White, Gold, Antic brass, Chrome, Satin nickel, Matt gold, Matt chrome and technical descriptions. 

Catalogo AA

Angel Aparicio Products 


Models: Serie 0533100, Serie 053300, Serie 353100, Serie 35330, Serie 174100, Serie 174100, Serie 174300, Serie 374100, Serie 374300, Serie 491100, Serie 492100, Serie 065200, Serie 055200.  

The recessed lights by Angel Aparicio with the name Serie, are made with zamak injection than bathed and polished, have 10-year guarantee, IP23 and beautiful finished in white, gold, antic brass, chrome, satin nickel, matt gold, matt chrome. The front replacement of the bulb makes them very practice in use. Beside this, you can choose the lamp holder you need, 5.3 or GU10. All of them comply with EU normative and have CE and RoHS certificates. 

Models: Jeita, Oter, Santorini, Mikonos, Agata, Ruby, Onyx, Alhama, Titan. 

The other recessed lights without technology, are made of aluminium, with a Guaranteed of 10 years, all have IP23 except the model Alhama that has IP65. 


Models: Serie L25, Serie L00, Serie L51, Serie L56, Balder, Monde, Anik. 

Beautiful frames in golden nickel, white, antique brass Downlights with LED included and driver to choose from TCI, Samsung, o LIFUD. Most of those luminaires have an IP54 and fits to high humidity interiors such as master ensuite, hammam or garages. The golden finishes are required mostly to create unique Arabic interiors.  The other finishes, from our experiences, are used for are public buildings, hospitals, city halls, or private villas. 


Models: Anik, Hit, Doha. 

Those are our simple lines flush mounted lights for ceiling or walls, in square of round shapes. Perfect lighting with IP54 or 65 for Contract projects. 


Models: Dubai, Alhama, Dakota, Petra, Iris.

Lighting items include within this category are modern spotlights, fixed or tilting bulb. You can purchase them with or without 5.3 or GU10 lamp holder, as this gives the freedom to choose ethe best lighting option fits to contract needs, either is a bulb or LED spot. 


Models: Berlin, Rome, London, Oslo, Lisboa, Monaco

Vanity lights for modern master ensuits, bathrooms and toilets with LED technology in cold lighting and minimalist designs can be find within Angel Aparicio Catalogue. 


Models: Lufi

LED Flood lights with high IP65 are part of almost every lighting projects. We propose you LED floodlights that are area the best way for a broad beam of light. They are used to illuminate landscape, facades, porches or driveways


Models: Abude, LED Panel 1CCT, LED Panel 3CCT, Frame LED. 

Those a must office lighting with IP44, LED panels 60x60 cm or other shapes are available in one or three lighting choose from. 


 Angel Aparicio propose a variety of lighting strips in 3 different lighting temperatures with a high IP67. Those are 14.4 W/m and 960Lm/m LED strips for under cabinet lighting, kitchen bathroom, steps lighting, deking light etc. 


Models: GU10, GU19, MR15, MR16, E14, E17, LED Spot Modules. 

Our light bulbs selection are the accessories for the luminarias included in the Catalogue. You will find at the end of the page of each luminaria that do not include the technology recommended bulb. 


Models: Electronic Drivers, Emergency Kit. 

Here you can find the best driver that fits to your lighting project, either is a DALI Plus or a normal driver. Cannot find in our catalogue, ask our clients service to get help with it. We are a flexible and can adapt to most of the contract projects. 

For more information, data sheets and quotations for Angel Aparicio Spain products please contact us.