CristalRecord Lighting is a company with a wide experience in the manufacturing, design, and distribution of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures.

From our origins to the present day, CristalRecord pays attention to details. Behind the CristalRecord Lighting, there is an excellent group of people keen in responding to and accomplish the most demanding quality expectations of the market by offering to the customers an agile, fast, and efficient service.

Our commitment to quality, R&D and flexibility allow us to offer unique and innovative solutions as well as high quality products at national and international levels.


Our Vision is Our Challenge

We dare to be a global, autonomous, dynamic, and multidisciplinary company, offering interior and exterior lighting solutions in response to the needs and demands of our customers. Our vision is to become a company with "Digital" thinking.

Vision of CristalRecord

Our Mission is What we are

We are a Lighting Company with more than 25 years of experience, in the distribution of decorative interior lighting at a national level, consolidated and leading lighting specialists, expertise in large scale bricolage distribution.

We offer modern and competitive lighting solutions that respond to the real needs of both household and commercial markets.

CristalRecord Mission

CristalRecord teamwork worked on the developing the values that guide us daily work.  The hard work behind it, really deserved all the efforts. Each member of the Company has participated in creation of the Values list that marks CristalRecord´s Identity. And here they are:

Open Mind
Cheerfulness and happiness

CristalRecord Values

How are we going to implement our Vision, Mission and Values?

Working as a team. Together we will get it.

The situation of the year 2020 helped us to take a break, reflect and take new decisions. We understood that we should not lose the focus on our main goal, we have just to adapt to a new reality. This is exactly what we have been doing for the last 25 years. Thanks to our flexibility and agility we could grow, innovate, and expand.

We keep going in achieving professional and personal goals, by accepting the change, adapt to it, and doing it in our favour.

We are passing a time of transformation. This is time of changes that challenge us to be in a continued progress. More changes are coming, we are ready for this!