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    Combined lighting

    A unique and innovative solution in the lighting market, an exclusive product with two sources of illumination. This new system provides three types of lighting in a single product: direct light, ambient light and a combined lighting resulting of mixing both.

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    Technical Lighting

    The quality of the materials and the technology used ensures reliable performance. We offer a wide range of technical recessed lights to each need and project: tilting, fixed, squared, circular, sealed. Different sizes and colours.


    Glass Lighting

    Stylish recessed lights that allow different assembly combinations to fit in any space. Fixed or tilting, aluminum or coloured finish, with optical K9 glass or tempered glass.


    Decorative Lighting

    The best choice to easily renovate the decoration of any room. Great variety of products with modern, actual and youth designs and the latest technology in LED lighting: pendant lights, wall lights, flush ceiling lights, desk lamps… All you need to get the perfect illumination.


    LED Vintage Lighting

    A great variety of vintage style LED lamps and bulbs.

  • LED bulbs catalogue

    LED bulbs catalogue

    Download our LED bulbs catalogue: Crinier, CRLED, Making LED and LED Vintage brands


Cristalrecord 360º Showroom
Cristalrecord 360º Showroom

Cristalrecord's Decorative Lighting Showroom

2016-06-29 11:34:34
Cristalrecord's Trade Mission at Czech Republic
Cristalrecord's Trade Mission at Czech Republic

Cristalrecord's Trade Mission at Czech Republic

2016-04-25 11:15:31
Novo Plus LED Downligth - 3 Temperatures
Novo Plus LED Downligth - 3 Temperatures

Three temperatures lighting NOVO PLUS Downlight by Cristalrecord

2016-03-09 12:50:38
Combined Lighting
Combined Lighting

Combined LED lighting by Cristalrecord - Real life solutions

2016-03-09 11:50:06