FAQ Smart lighting.

FAQ Smart lighting.

What is a "Smart Home"?
A Smart Home refers to a home that has smart devices connected to the Internet that can be controlled remotely. You can connect the lighting system, TV, security systems, air conditioning systems, plugs ...

Where are the smart devices controlled from?
You can control your devices from a mobile application without being at home. In addition, from the application you can set routines and rules to control these devices or save scenes.  

What types of devices can I control?
There are a variety of devices you can control from your mobile application. The most common are: lighting, air conditioning, entertainment and security.

What mobile application do I need to control smart devices?
To control all the devices from your mobile you need "Tuya" or "Smart Life" app. With this application you will be able to control your devices even when you are on holydays.

Can I control my smart devices by voice?
Yes, but you will need a smart voice assistant that you will have to link to the mobile application with which you control your devices. To control it by voice you will need an Amazon Echo Speakerphone or a Google Home Speakerphone.

What can I do if my application can't find the light bulb?
First, make sure your Wifi network is running at 2.4GHz and that you are connected to the WiFi network from your mobile phone. If all this is correct, turn off the bulb and turn it back on after 10 seconds until the light flashes.

What do I do if the bulb still doesn't flash?
Turn the bulb on and off three times.

The bulb is blinking, but after choosing the WIFI network it is still not working
Remember that only 2.4GHz WI-FI network is supported

Do you have a memory?
Yes, it saves the last configuration set from the mobile application. If you turn the light bulb off and on from the switch, the light bulb will be turned on with the settings made.
If you turn the light bulb off from the mobile application, if you turn the switch off, when you turn the light bulb on again with the switch, it will turn on at the last tone that was selected before turning it off from the application.

What happens if the bulb starts flashing during normal use?
The bulb may understand that you want to synchronize it with a new device by repeatedly pressing the switch, without wanting to synchronize. Turn off, wait 20 seconds and turn on again. The device will operate normally.

Can I control several bulbs at once or separately? How?
Yes. Once the different smart devices have been synchronised, you can control their on/off switching through the mobile application and then use them together or separately.

Can I synchronise the same bulb on different devices?
No, only one light bulb can be controlled from a single device. If you sync with a new device the bulb will disappear from the first device.

If I don't sync the bulb with a device, does the bulb work like a normal bulb?
Yes, looking at the maximum pitch of temperature and power degree.

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