Cristalrecord's new LED light bulbs catalogue 2017

Cristalrecord's new LED light bulbs catalogue 2017

Cristalrecord launches its new LED bulbs catalogue 2017. We are constantly updating our catalogue with new products which maintain our high-quality standards, offering you bulbs with the latest LED technology that allow you to reduce your energy consumption by up to 80%.

Our catalogue is classified under four main brands owned by Cristalrecord: Crinier, CRLed, Making LED and LED Vintage.

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A range of light bulbs with traditional shapes but including the latest LED technology. This range offers great durability, high brightness and better efficiency.

High quality LED bulbs ideally suitable for rooms requiring a powerful and durable lighting.Bombillas LED CRINIER


The widest range of LED bulbs. Luminaires that offer an outstanding performance adapted to different wattages and shapes, so you can always find the bulb that best suits your needs.

We highlight the Half Mirror collection as newness, an elegant and practical range of metallic crown light bulbs that will reflect the light back onto the wall thanks to the edge that acts as a shade to the light’s glow.

Contemporary LED filament bulbs that can easily stand alone as prominent piece of home décor.

Another great addition to this catalogue are the Dimmable GU10 and G9 bulbs, ideal to change the mood of the room by regulating the brightness of the light. And the Milky collection for regular bulbs, whose main feature is its 360° beam angle.

If we talk of the latest developments in the shape of bulbs, you can find the KOBO light bulbs collection. A very original, youth and fresh design that doesn’t go unnoticed, while providing a very bright light.Bombillas LED CRLED


A cost-effective range of LED bulbs. These lamps are very versatile and offer a good power-efficiency ratio.

The advantage of this bulbs is that they are safer against easy breaking, because they do not contain glass. They also provide a balanced ambient lighting creating a comfortable atmosphere that enhances the sense of well-being. The perfect solution for children’s rooms.


These trendy vintage-styled LED bulbs are the perfect choice to get an old timey decoration. A great variety of filament LED bulbs in different shapes and sizes; globe, candle, Edison, tubular, diamond…

We increased the range of finishes available: gold, transparent and smoked; and the colour temperatures, from warmer 2000K to neutral 4000K.

As a new feature in these bulbs we offer the dimmable version in some of them, giving you the option to adjust the intensity of the light when you need it, to create your own customised environment.


The latest addition to our portfolio, LVMIC brand. This brand offers versatile and polyvalent bulbs where design and finish quality are very present.

A good example is the dimmable LED COB GU10 bulb, it uses 6,5 watts to provide 500 lumens of warm 3000K or neutral 4000K light.

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